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A fast growing manufacturer of medical gloves in Malaysia

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Open loop condensate recovery system with visible flash steam vented to atmosphere causing energy loss and heating the environment.
Optimisation of condensate recovery for the hot water system.
Installation of closed loop condensate and flash steam recovery system from Forbes Marshall with

- FLASHJET PumpTM for 100% flash steam and condensate recovery

- HeatMax instantaneous hot water generation system for effective steam to water heat transfer
Fresh water at inlet preheated to 45 deg C before introduction into the hot water tank; heat gain of 20 deg C for 10m3 of water

Complete recovery of flash steam and condensate

Approximately 400 kg / hr flash steam reutilised; motive steam consumption reduced

Steam savings of 0.4 tonne / hour in the glove line

0.4m3/ hr fresh water saved

Energy saving of USD 36,008 per annum