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Case Study:

Achieve Reliable pH Measurement


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Customer Details
A Fertilizer Plant in Western India.
Increase of batch time in the reactor due to lack of pH control.
To provide a reliable pH measurement solution.
Special PH sensor with retractable assembly to suit slurry process conditions of Suphala Slurry.
The assembly operates in auto mode and pushes the sensor into the reactor only when the pH needs to be measured.
It is retracted into the holder chamber and flushed. This increases the life of the pH sensor.
Operation of control valve for ammonia dosing via a PLC based control system, based on the algorithm and logic developed for addition of ammonia to the reactor. The set point control is available locally for the plant operator with password protection.
Accurate pH control.

Reduced batch time.

Better product quality.

Reduced environmental impact due to reduced ammonia consumption.