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Eliminate Process Heat Loss


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Customer Details
A textile plant in North India with production capacity of 125,000 meters of fabric per day.
3000 kg/hr condensate drained from dyeing section due to contamination.

Feed water temperature < 60°C.
To eliminate mixing of cooling water with condensate.

To prevent process steam loss.
Detailed plant survey done by Forbes Marshall to assess current losses and potential savings in the steam system.

Installation of Forbes Marshall Jet Heat Optimisation Module (JET-HOM) in the Jet Dyeing machine.
No steam loss through manual operation of bypass valves.

Efficient separation of condensate and cooling water.

Reduction in live steam loss.

Improved condensate recovery factor with 3000 Kg/hr of condensate recovered.

15°C increase in feed water temperature.

Fuel saving of 3-4% per annum.