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Eliminate Steam Loss due to Manual Operation

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Customer Details
A plywood manufacturer with 15 daylight and 16 daylight capacity heating and cooling press in North India.
Frequent blowdown during heating cycle causing major loss of live steam to the cooling tower.

High heating time due to condensate logging in the press.
To eliminate loss of steam due to manual operation of the steam and cooling water valves.

To eliminate the issue of condensate logging.
Detailed plant study by Forbes Marshall to assess current losses and potential savings in the steam line of the system.

Installation of Forbes Marshall's plattenMAC automation package for heating and cooling presses.
Manual operation of bypass valves eliminated.

Automatic separation of condensate and cooling water.

Reduction in live steam loss.

Optimum condensate recovery.

7 minutes reduction in heating time due to proper trapping system.

Improved productivity due to Improved performance of the heating-cooling presses : number of batches increased to 38/day from 32/day.