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Improve Condensate Recovery Factor


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Customer Details
A detergent manufacturing plant in Egypt
High boiler fuel bill

Excess water consumption
To improve condensate recovery factor and bring down energy costs in the plant
The Forbes Marshall team conducted a detailed survey of the steam system at the plant.
Opportunities were identified and the following changes were made for savings in the steam and condensate circuit :

Leaking / faulty traps were replaced with right size and type of traps.

Compact Module Twin Orifice Steam Traps for process trapping.

Compact Module Thermodynamic Steam Trap with IsoTub for mainline trapping.

SteaMon steam flow meter was installed for accurate steam flow measurement.

Conventional condensate tank replaced with flash vessel and steam operated pressure powered pump.

Automation of the heating and cooling cycles of the bleacher and hot water generation for farm tanks area.
No steam loss through traps

Flash Steam returned to process; direct steam

Injection reduced

Reduction in chemicals consumed

20% reduction in boiler's annual natural gas bill

40% reduction in annual water bill for steam boilers