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Customer Details
A Major Dairy in Western India.

Losses due to improper design of heating and chilling facilities.
To establish utility loads and provide optimum design to cater to process requirements.
Establishing utility generator capacities, selecting relevant utility parameters and applying the reduce-reuse-recycle concept.

Correcting utility pipeline loads suitably for pipe-rack design.

Designing of chilled water distribution network for minimal temperature variation.

Selecting pump, and making appropriate modifications, for chilled water and cooling water networks based on load with specifications to ensure lowest OpEx.

Designing of critical distribution network connecting the biomass fired boiler with the process plant over a distance of 1.2km, including a 25 meter underground section across a national highway.
Safety within the utility network.

Distribution losses minimised.

Increase of on 0.4deg C in chilled water distribution network of 250 meters.

Minimum pressure drop within the distribution networks.

Operation of biomass boiler made possible and plant was able to achieve carbon neutrality.

16% opex reduction in the steam fuel bill.