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Improve Productivity and Reduce Steam Consumption

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Customer Details
A paper mill in North India.
Low productivity due to severe condensate evacuation issues.

Poor condensate recovery.

Very high back pressure (1.5 barg) in main common tank.

Frequent failures of S&C components and leakages.

High specific steam consumption (1.8-1.9).
To improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.
Installation of an engineered thermal grouping cascade based system for effective utilisation of flash steam, along with with the following solutions

Fixed bend stationary siphon.

Steam flow meter and condensate flow meter.

Pressure, differential and level control loops.

Glandless piston valve.

Compact module thermodynamic traps.

Mini distributed control system.
Improved condensate removal at lower differential pressure.

Reduction of specific steam consumption by 1.1 ton per ton of paper.

Improvement in condensate recovery - from 55% to 85%.

5% saving in fuel consumption.