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Increase Plant Uptime


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Customer Details
A sub-bituminous coal-fired power plant in Western India - one of the largest operational power plants in the country.
Hardware and service limitations in the existing vibration monitoring and protection system installed on the circulating water pump of the 800 MW power plant.
To provide a cost-effective solution for machine protection.

To increase plant uptime.
Installation of Forbes Marshall make microprocessor based Vibtrans 19” rack digital vibration monitoring system with trip relay and retransmission output.

The Vibtrans is an API-670 compliant system with redundant and hot swappable functionality for all types of modules, field selectable filters, communication with DCS and HMI via MODBUS –RS485.
Improved plant maintenance.

Enhanced operational and plant safety.

Auto-shutdown facility.

Increased life span of machines.

Reduced costs towards inventory, manpower and energy.