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Optimise Energy Savings and Improve Boiler Efficiency


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Customer Details
A textile plant in Western Indonesia.
Excess blowdown.

Condensate discharged to pit.

Increased steam consumption due to trap leakage.
To optimise energy savings, reduce water and improve boiler efficiency and performance.
Forbes Marshall carried out a detailed study of the plant to determine areas of concern,
Following products were installed as per recommendation :

Boiler blowdown control system.

Condensate recovery system.

Compact module thermodynamic trap for header and mainline trapping.

Automatic air vents for header and dead end sizing machine.

TDS drained at 3500 PPM.

Condensate from sizing machine recovered and returned to the feed water tank.

17% reduction in annual fuel bill.

Water consumption for process reduced by 87.8 m3/month.