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Reduce Energy Consumption In Manufacturing of Specialty Chemicals


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Customer Details
A leading specialty chemicals manufacturer of organic, inorganic and effect pigments (dyes and pigments) in South Asia.
High steam consumption
Reduce energy consumption.

Address the 10% gap between steam generation and steam consumption against an ideal distribution loss of 3-4%.
The Forbes Marshall team conducted a detailed study of the plant, identified the gaps and defined corrective actions.

Solutions were implemented, with appropriate products where required, for :

Improving condensate and flash steam recovery.

Addressing the steam distribution network for losses.

Addressing selection and uptime of steam traps in the plant including for the reactors and driers.

Addressing condensate evacuation from the equipment.

Boiler efficiency improvement.
Overall cumulative opex reduction of 14% on the steam fuel bill across both plants.

Meeting the steam demand with just one boiler operating instead of two at one of their plants (shut off one boiler).

Feed water temperature improvement from 50 deg C to 90 deg C at one plant and reduction in live steam to the deaerator at the second plant by improving condensate and flash steam recovery.

Maximising the condensate recovery additionally resulted in water savings of 80 kilolitres per day.

Boiler efficiency improvement from 67% to 71.5%.

Improvement in the specific steam consumption at the continuous drier from 7.2 to 5 tons of steam/ton of product dried.