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This device is a non-contact radar level meter that uses FMCW technology. It measures distance, level and volume of liquids and pastes. It is ideal for measuring the level of corrosive products with its PP or PTFE antenna options.
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  • PP or PTFE Wave Horn antennas for the measurement of corrosive products
  • Modular design: horizontal or vertical position of housing is suitable for almost all installations
  • Quick coupling system permits removal of the housing under process conditions and rotation of the housing through 360°
  • SIL2-compliant according to IEC 61508 for safety-related systems
  • Each device is calibrated on dedicated calibration rigs before it leaves the factory
  • Universal measurement device for liquids, pastes and slurries
  • Bayonet housing cover permits easy opening and closing of the housing, even after years in service
  • Measuring range up to 30 m / 98.4 ft
  • Converter is backward compatible with all BM 70x flange systems
This is a product of KROHNE Marshall.