• Forbes Marshall's goal is to provide solutions in Process Efficiency and Energy Conservation, using the best technology the world has to offer. All our strategic business divisions, each one partnering a world technology leader in its respective field, manufacture products that cover the entire spectrum of energy generation, conservation, instrumentation and control; for the process industry.

    The Steam Engineering Group - offers products and services that are aimed at increasing energy efficiency across the process industry. These include boilers, burners, fuel additives, energy audits, flue gas analysers, boiler efficiency monitoring systems, thermocompressors, steam traps and steam trap accessories, steam metering solutions and packaged energy solutions for various industries.

    J. N. Marshall manufactures compact steam boilers of upto a capacity of 16 tons steam per hour. These steam boilers follow a 3 pass, wet back design, that ensures high efficiency. Special design features ensure steam of a very high dryness. The MiniMax steam boiler has the National Institute of Design-Businessworld award for the best industrial design in 2004. For more information on these highly efficient steam generation products, please visit the Boilers and Accessories page.

    Spirax Marshall, in joint venture with Spirax Sarco, UK, manufactures a wide range of steam equipment. Spirax Marshall steam traps, valves, regulators, injectors and modules for the economical utilisation of steam, set the standard in steam efficiency optimisation. Pressure reducing stations, steam meters and automatic blowdown systems help in optimising steam efficiency during distribution and utilisation. Spirax Marshall has one of the widest ranges of steam traps for the process and utility industry - The Thermodynamic trap, Inverted bucket trap, Float trap, Balanced pressure thermostatic trap, moisture separators, disc check valve and Steam trap monitor. To view more details on any of these products please visit any of the following pages. (Efficiency in Steam Generation) (Efficiency in Steam Distribution) (Efficiency in Steam Utilisation) (Steam Condensate and Flash steam recovery)

    The Control Instrumentation group - offers products for analysis and control in process industry. These include pure water analysis, liguid and gas flowmeters, level measurment, flow control, control valves, high pressure stop and safety valves, transmitters and controllers, electric to pneumatic transducers, DCS, and complete packaged instrumentation systems for various process industries.

    Krohne Marshall is a joint venture with Krohne, Germany, for the manufacture and supply of flowmeters, density meters and level meters. Krohne vortex flowmeters are state-of-the-art flow meters and are one of the most widely used flowmeters globally. Magnetic flowmeters of upto a line size of 2000mm are manufactured and calibrated at an elaborate and comprehensive in- house flowmeter calibration facility. Krohne Magflow meters are one of the most popular magnetic flowmeters throughout the world for flow applications on large bore pipelines. The calibration facilities of Krohne Marshall can calibrate flowmeters upto 2000 mm in diameter and are traceable to International Standards. Krohne Marshall also manufactures a full line of Mass flowmeters, Variable area flowmeters, flow controllers, level gauges and level switches. For more information on magnetic flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, vortex meters and level products please visit the Flowmeter page here.

    Forbes Marshall Arca is a joint venture with Arca Regler of Germany for the manufacture and supply of Control valves, Pressure reducing valves and Desuperheating stations. Development of high quality valve castings, precision machining and the option of using microprocessor based pneumatic positioners, makes Arca valves reliable and intelligent. Arca control valve positioners are thoroughly tested and are guaranteed not to fail over million strokes. For more information on Forbes Marshall Arca - control valves, critical stop and safety valves and steam conditioning equipment please visit the Valves or Control Valves pages.

    Forbes Marshall Controls manufactures Electric to pneumatic Transducers, Transmitters and Process Controllers. The single and multiple loop controllers and Distributed Control Systems can au tomate entire batch as well as continuous processes.

    Forbes Polymetron, supplies a wide range of water quality analysers, pH meters, pH electrodes and waste water analysers. Forbes Polymetron water quality analysers are so accurate, they can measure impurities in part per billion. These include Dissolved Oxygen, Sodium, Chlorine, pH & Conductivity, and Silica analysers. The Steam and Water Analysis system (SWAS) is absolutely essential in preventing corrosion and scaling of costly equipment in power plants.

    Forbes Marshall systems draws on the expertise of the entire group of companies in Steam engineering and process efficiency, design and package complete turnkey systems using the products from the entire group.

    Forbes Marshall's gauge division specialises in High accuracy Dial Pressure gauges, Dial Thermometers, Comparison text pumps and Chemical seals.

    The Steam Engineering group, offers unique energy audits to help customers bring down their steam related costs. A unique feature of the Forbes Marshall energy audit is that we partner the client in implementing the recommendations and actually help in achieving projected savings. The Steam Engineering Center and The Control Instrumentation Centre run programs for working professionals and fresh engineering graduates on best engineering practices in steam and control instrumentation in industry.

    Forbes Marshall takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. A full-fledged team constantly runs social welfare programs in areas of health, education and women's welfare. Among these, the Shehernaz Medical center: A hospital that caters healthcare needs of the surrounding villages; patients have to pay only for their medicines and a token fee of around 4 cents. An Akanksha foundation center: Forbes Marshall runs a center for economically disadvantaged children under the auspices of the Akanksha foundation. Several other initiatives for women: A cooperative credit society assisted by Forbes Marshall, adult literacy classes, employment oriented education and career guidance.

    For more information on individual products and services, or about our CSR initiatives, click on the relevant links at the top of this page, or use the Feedback page to request more information directly from Forbes Marshall.