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Every process needs to be optimised for energy efficiency. The process of generating energy is no exception. Efficiency of energy generation is a key factor in the overall profitability of any process plant. Forbes Marshall has a range of unique products, systems and software to help you keep track of exactly how much energy you consume and where it goes.

Our Steam Metering and Effimax range of products, help you keep an accurate track on parameters that show efficiency of energy generation. Our automatic blowdown control systems ensure a fine control on activities like boiler water blowdown, which is a potential area for energy leakage. Boiler heat recovery units, flash vessels, steam injectors range of products are some of the solutions designed to recover every bit of energy that might be lost in the boilerhouse itself.

Forbes Marshall boilers, boilerhouse products and burners are known for their high standards of quality and economy engineering throughout the process industry.

no image Oil & Gas Boilers
Oil & Gas Boilers contain three product 300 kg/hr to 750 kg/hr- Minimax Boilers, 1 TPH to 5 TPH – Marshall B, 6 – 32 Ton/hr - Marshall C
no image Coal, Biomass & Industrial Waste Boilers
Fully Automatic & Unmanned Multifuel Fired Boiler
no image Power Boiler & Multi-Media Energy Plants
High Efficiency Packaged Biomass & Coal Fuel Fired Boiler
no image Exhaust Gas & Waste Heat Recovery Boiler(WHRB)
The Waste Heat Recovery Boiler from Gas Gensets offered by Forbes Marshall is a package.
no image Burner - Oil & Gas
They are designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels, the most common being furnace oil, light oil, natural gas and LPG.
no image Modular Boiler
The  Modular Boiler was an idea conceived to tackle not just the issues of space but also add a value proposition to a boiler which would get the customer more that what he had obtained for.
no image Effimax - Maximising Boiler Efficiency - Monitoring Control System
Complete systems for measuring steam flow and energy efficiency with online calculation and feedback


no image Feed Water Tank Systems
Complete system with accessories for total boiler feedwater management.
no image Blowdown Heat Recovery Units
Complete system to recover upto 80% of heat lost in boiler blowdown discharge
no image Deaerator Head, Flash Vessel, Steam Injector
Products that help improve efficiency of steam generation above the conventional
no image Automatic Blowdown Control, Medium & High Pressure Blowdown Systems
Systems that automate blowdown for fine control over blowdown losses