Install the proper kind of Steam traps and start saving on steam costs

Process plants need steam continuously and often in fluctuating loads. At the same time there can be no compromise on the quality of steam, requiring all condensate to be  removed immediately. Incorrect trap selection, like intermittent discharge traps, increases your steam costs by causing waterlogging and steam leaks through bleed holes. You've spent money to heat your steam and condition it. If you can't monitor and control how you're using it, you're probably throwing money away. We have equipment to monitor steam utilisation, pressure reducing stations to condition steam the way your equipment should receive it and the widest range of steam traps to give you the best options in steam condensate removal. Our Packaged plant room systems, Steam humidifiers and hosedown stations are unique applications for steam utlisation and control.

Steam Traps for Process Equipment

no image Float Traps
Float Traps is the best choice for process applications.
no image Pump Trap
World's smallest condensate removal system for stalling condition
no image Utility Automation Module
Recovering pure condensate form Multi Utility Reactors

Steam Traps for Tracing & Jacketing lines

no image Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Trap
Typical Applications : steam radiators, steam tracers, jacketed pipes, instrument tracers, sterilizers autoclaves, air venting of process equipment & steam heaters.

Steam Trap Performance Monitoring System

no image Wireless Steam Trapping
Move away from conventional trap monitoring systems. Adopt the latest innovation
no image Sight Glasses
Systems for enhancing the utilisation of steam in different applications

Temperature Control Systems

no image Temperature Control
Temperature control through steam flow control for extremely accurate results
no image Self Acting Temperature Control Valve
It is designed with a long enough sensor to ensure accurate sensing (and not localized sensing) and thereby provide better accuracy especially in large tanks, reactors, vessels etc.
no image Compact on-off Valve
Our PAV is a robust, compact valve having SS316L body, tight shut off is guaranteed by using a PTFE plug seal, valve stem sealing is provided by self aligning PTFE chevrons for maximum sealing integrity.
no image Tempeartuer Control System
Controller from Forbes Marshall is the most advanced in its class with freely selectable I/O, capability to perform high-end function like Ratio, Over Ride, Transfer, Average and Control.

Pressure Reduction

no image Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
Complete pressure reducing stations designed for accurate pressure drop
no image Steam Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure reducing valves that can fit at consumption points for fine control on steam pressure

Steam Metering

no image Steam Metering
An economical solution to steam pressure management and metering.
no image Accuflo Steam Metering
The steam flow meter Accuflo is the perfect tool for providing exact information about the steam consumption and steam quality.
no image Vortex Flow Meter - Flowirl 8700
The all-in-one solution-Flowirl 8700.
no image SteaMon
SteaMon has been designed keeping in mind the importance of metering saturated steam on a department and equipment wise level.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

no image Packaged Plant Room System
Packaged systems for instantaneous temperature controlled hot water.

Steam & Condensate Manifolds

no image Compact Manifold Stations
Compact Manifold Stations for Steam Supply & Condensate Return in Tracing Lines of Oil & Petrochemical Industry

Heat Recovery Systems

no image Waste Heat Recovery System
Waste heat recovery system  recovers 80-90 % of the waste energy. The system,via usage of the discharged energy heats cold water entering into the dyeing plant and provides you with ready hot water.

Steam Humidification

no image Steam Humidifiers
A full range of self generating humidifiers.

Clean Steam

no image Clean Steam
We have a wide range of clean steam products to suit your clean steam demands.