Install the proper kind of Steam traps and start saving on steam costs

Process plants need steam continuously and often in fluctuating loads. At the same time there can be no compromise on the quality of steam, requiring all condensate to be  removed immediately. Incorrect trap selection, like intermittent discharge traps, increases your steam costs by causing waterlogging and steam leaks through bleed holes. You've spent money to heat your steam and condition it. If you can't monitor and control how you're using it, you're probably throwing money away. We have equipment to monitor steam utilisation, pressure reducing stations to condition steam the way your equipment should receive it and the widest range of steam traps to give you the best options in steam condensate removal. Our Packaged plant room systems, Steam humidifiers and hosedown stations are unique applications for steam utlisation and control.

Steam Traps for Process

Wide range of steam traps for process application to remove condensate quickly
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Single Orifice Float Trap
Single Orifice Float Traps from Forbes Marshall are best suited for removing condensate from process equipment.
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Steam Operated Pump Trap
Stalling in heat exchangers affects steam trap performance and prevents them from removing the condensate. Steam Operated Pump Traps from Forbes Marshall ensure condensate recovery even during stall.
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Forbes Marshall Tracer Line Trap
The Forbes Marshall Tracer Line Trap maximizes the use of steam enthalpy, discharging sub-cooled condensate.
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Compact Module: Two Orifice Float Trap
The Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap meets the need of high discharge capacity at start-up and low capacity during continuous operation with a high turndown ratio.
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Wireless Trap Monitoring System
Wireless Trap Monitoring System is a network for monitoring the health of steam traps at dispersed locations in a plant.
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Forbes Marshall View Glass
The Forbes Marshall view glass is a simple yet novel product that enables visualizing the flow of steam, water or oil, inside pipelines.
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Steam Trap Monitor
An effective tool to monitor performance of steam traps on real time basis.

Temperature Control Valves

Temperature Control Systems which guarantee correct temperature for the processes.
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Tempearture Control System
D'tron series PID Controller from Forbes Marshall is the most advanced in its class with freely selectable I/O, capability to perform high-end function like Ratio, Over Ride, Transfer, Average and Control.

Pressure Reduction

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Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
Complete pressure reducing stations designed for accurate pressure drop
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Steam Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure reducing valves that can fit at consumption points for fine control on steam pressure

Steam & Condensate Manifolds

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Steam and Condensate Manifolds
Steam and condensate manifolds for steam supply & condensate return in the tracing lines of Oil & Petrochemical Industry

Steam Humidification

A wide range of self generating steam humidifiers to suit different applications
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Steam Humidifiers
A full range of self generating humidifiers to suit wide range of industry applications

Heat Exchange Systems

HEATMAX, Dye Liquor Heat Recovery System
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HEATMAX from Forbes Marshall is a hot water system which provides instant hot water for heating or process use.
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Dye Liquor Heat Recovery System
Dye Liquor Heat Recovery System from Forbes Marshall brings down fuel consumption while boosting the productivity of textile dye house.

Utility Automation Module

Restricts contamination of condensate with cooling water for multi utility reacotrs.