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Marshall S

Type of Boiler : Fully wet back solid fuel fired boiler
Compact Unit : Skid-mounted, pre-insulated, pre-wired, ready-to-steam boiler.
Dry Steam : 98% dry saturated steam.
High Efficiency : Boilers designed for high efficiency on multiple fuels.
Savings : Higher efficiency results in substantial fuel savings, a boiler with lowest cost of ownership
Process Benefits : Dry, high quality steam, under fluctuating loads.
This results in lower batch timings, higher production rate and better product quality.
Maintenance : Easily accessible parts, low sensitivity to feed water quality and low maintenance.
Safety : Built to International and IBR standards. Safety at its best.
Higher Thickness: Furnace provided with stiffening rings of Furnace
Construction : Boilers designed for Forced Draught / Induced Draught / Balanced Draught. This ensures combustion air patterns and turbulence for higher thermal efficiency.