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Marshall Burners

 The new JNM 0.5-16 tph   burner is a heavy oil/gas fired/dual fired  pressure jet fully modulating monoblock burner monobloc burner with mechanical compound with boiler efficiency monitoring system.  The range 5 tph – 16 tph  is additionally equipped with electronic compound regulation and touch screen display with built in efficiency monitoring & control.

Range : 0.5 – 16 TPH

Salient Features:

   1. Pressure jet fully modulating monobloc burner.
   2. Designed to match boilers of major manufacturers to achieve max efficiency and output
   3. Competitive pricing
   4. Major components indigenously developed
   5. Hinge configuration for ease of maintenance and assembly
   6. Fan designed to incorporate additional heat recovery unit – water preheater/economiser
   7. Hydraulic lance with quick shutoff to ensure zero dripping in case of heavy oil firing on dual fuel burners
   8. Air circuit with low pressure drop ensuring   good combustion efficiency.
   9. Volumetric air ratio control with butterfly valve for gas and damper for air regulation.
  10. Complete with gas multibloc consisting of 2 gas solenoid valves, low pressure regulator, low gas pressure switch  and filter.
  11. Valve proving system as standard scope to check the soundness of the valves
  12. Supply with high pressure gas regulator suitable for max inlet pressure – 4bar
  13. Supplied with  boiler efficiency monitoring system – effimax  (optional)

Additional Salient Features on 5 TPH - 16 TPH:

    * Smart control panel with touch screen display
    * Electronic compound regulation
    * Oxygen trim & speed control
    * PC connectivity