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The deteriorating quality of Indian coal and increased ash content has necessitated modifications of furnace and combustion equipment of the shell type of coal fired boilers with internal flues which pose severe design constraints as the capacity of boiler becomes 5 tonnes per hour and above. This is mainly due to restricted grate area and available furnace volume. Due to the same constraints, these boilers cannot be used for other fuels such as fruit waste, wood chips, husk, etc. which primarily need higher combustion area and volume.

    The feasibility study of multi-fuel boilers with different combustion equipment and furnace designs has revealed that boilers with external radiation chamber design are the most economical combination for capacities of 3,000 kg/hr and above.


 Modupac Boilers  are designed to overcome the above constraints and give the optimum efficiency even with low grade coal and other waste fuels.  This boiler is of hybrid technology combining advantages of both water tube and smoke tube boilers. The external radiation chamber is of water walled construction providing optimum radiant heat transfer.  Two subsequent gas passes in shell provide adequate convective heat transfer surface for maximum efficiency.
Boilers available from 6.0 TPH, 8.0 TPH, 10.0 TPH, 12.0 TPH, 14.0 TPH and 15.0 TPH.  These boilers use traveling grate / pulsating grate stoker.