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Condensate Flash Vessel, Steam Powered Pump, Steam Powered Pump Packaged Unit

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Condensate Flash Vessel

Flash steam can be effectively recovered by using a Condensate Flash Vessel as a part of a Flash Steam Recovery System. The flash steam is free steam and can be used to supplement the normal steam requirement. Flash steam should be separated from the condensate to maximise the system''s efficiency. Since the flash steam is utilised, it will not be vented to the atmosphere where it is wasted and can be a safety hazard.

Pressure Powered Pump

Hot condensate still contains 20% of the energy you used to make steam in the first place. And since condensate is distilled water, it makes perfect boiler feedwater. Our positive displacement pressure Powered Pump is the heart of a money and energy saving Condensate Return System.The pressure powered packaged pumps condensate at 100 oC without electricity, using just a small blast of steam or air pressure, even under vacuum and stall conditions. Due to its sealed & gland-less design, the collected condensate can be pumped immediately, without waiting for it to cool, and with no risk of cavitation

Pressure Powered Pumping Packaged Unit

Pressure Powered Pumping Packaged Unit is a positive displacement pump unit operated by steam, compressed air or pressurized gas. The unit is specifically designed to pump hot liquids of specific gravity 1.0 down to 0.9.

Condensate Recovery Meter is also an integral part of the PPPPU. It is an effective management tool which not only shows the condensate quantity & condensate temperature, but also shows the energy saved through condensate return.

Together, this unit is a complete solution to collect condensate, pump it to desired level and destination, to measure the condensate temperature and meter the condensate quantity. The system has to be preceded with properly sized flash vessel depending upon the condensate parameters.