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The FM Piston valve is a seat less & gland less Piston Valve. At the heart of the FM piston valve are Piston & sealing rings.

Automatic air vents are designed for use on hot and cold water installations.

One  Strainer upstream of every trap, control valve, and flowmeter can save you a bundle in annual maintenance and wear & tear costs. Available in Y or T type designs, our Strainers remove suspended grit from steam and condensate that would otherwise damage your downstream equipments with no additional pressure drop.

Moisture in steam blocks heat transfer. In compressed air, it fouls your application. Spirax separators are a simple and effective way to improve both your processes.

Recommended for use after traps discharging into closed systems to guarantee against return or spill back.

Safety valve model SV 11 is a high lift safety valve with gun metal seat, valve and body and brass internals suitable for use on steam, air and water.

The model VRS Control Panel provides a fully automatic filtration system to operate all functions of the motorized rotary filter product line eliminating manual labour and possible human error.

Our Diffuser is a compact unit designed to be fitted to the outlet of a steam or air trap discharging to atmosphere. The Diffuser reduces the problems of noise and erosion by dampening high velocity discharge.

he VB 14 is a small purpose designed vacuum breaker for general purpose applications on condensing vapour(steam) or liquid systems.