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From the company's inception in 1958, Darius Forbes felt it was insufficient to merely purchase land from the farmers who were the original owners; rather it was essential to be actively involved with local communities, understanding their needs and being a catalyst to enhance sustainable development. This approach has always driven our social initiatives in the areas our factories lie - Kasarwadi, Morwadi, Bopkhel and most recently, Chakan - all in the vicinity of Pune.

Working with a focus on health, education and empowerment; we thoughtfully choose and then partner with organisations that have expertise, competence and similar values. These partnerships have helped us achieve scale and impact.

Building on these experiences, the Forbes Marshall Foundation was set up more recently, supporting projects and initiatives in the state of Maharastra, with the objective of enhancing our impact. Through the Foundation, we are committed to supporting sustainable and collaborative initiatives, that create scalable and systemic social change. We focus particularly on those initiatives, that address an under-served and under-funded need.

Although the range and scope of our programmes have changed over the years. what remains constant has been our dedication to the belief that, as an organisation, we are capable of making changes to better the society around us, and therefore we must.

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Long before Corporate Social Responsibility became a buzzword in business and Industry, Forbes Marshall was already involved in many social initiatives.

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The Forbes Foundation was set up to allow the funding of social initiatives that fell outside the company’s core social programs.

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