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A rope dyeing denim plant in Western India


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Customer Details

A 60,000 meters / day rope dyeing denim plant in Western India

60,000 meters/day denim – rope dyeing greenfield plant in Western India

To design and deliver a plant operating at 2.5kilograms of steam/kg of production (without merceriser)
Case Details

– The Forbes Marshall Design Consultancy team studied the process flow diagram

– The process parameter details, OEM specified parameters were evaluated and compared with our own observations across denim plants

– The project plan including the timelines and nature of the phase wise expansion was studied

– A detailed utility wise consumption mass balance of the plant was prepared for both Phase 1 & 2

– Capex and Opex scenarios were calculated based on generator selection i.e. for Phase 1 vs for Phase 1 & 2 and the design was built with modularity and flexibility to cater to phase wise expansions

– The condensate recovery system was designed to maximise recovery with a commitment to deliver a feed water temperature of 70degrees Centigrade and a recovery factor of 70% of generation


– Specific Steam Consumption of 2.45 kilograms steam per kilogram production

– 18% lower OPEX (steam consumption) vis-a-vis a conventional plant

– Distribution losses of <3% against conventional plant losses of >5%

– CO2 reduction of 1233 tons/annum

– Water Savings:4365 cubic meters/ annum