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Case Study:

Eliminate water hammering caused due to stall


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Customer Details
An ice cream manufacturing plant of one of the largest global FMCG MNCs in Thailand
- Water hammering in the system

- Steam loss due to opening of bypass valves
- Root cause analysis for chronic water hammer

- Productivity enhancement

- Energy reduction
Our technical specialists carried out a detailed assessment of the plant and observed stalling of condensate in the process.

Based on our recommendation, the float type steam traps installed on the Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs) were replaced with Forbes Marshall steam operated pumping traps.
- Complete evacuation of condensate from the PHEs under stall conditions

- Desired process temperature achieved without opening of the bypass valve

- Improved equipment uptime

- Enhanced safety

- Monetary saving of 545,000 THB/Annum (17,000 USD/Annum)