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Improve feed water temperature


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Customer Details

A suiting-shirting fabric manufacturer in Western India

– Low steam pressure at the jiggers

– Only partial condensate recovery

– Low feed water temperature

- Improve feed water temperature

– Installation of condensate recovery system comprising of FLASHJET™ Pump and condensate recovery meter (CRM) at the jiggers, calendar and deca machines

– Thermodynamic traps at the jiggers, calendar and deca machines replaced with Forbes Marshall single orifice float traps

– Compact Modules for effective mainline trapping

– Installation of Forbes Marshall pressure reducing station at the jiggers

– Optimised steam pressure through pressure reducing station; reduced steam consumption at the jiggers

– No steam venting from jiggers

– 100% recovery of flash steam and condensate from the jggers, calendar and deca machines to the feed water tank

– 22 °C rise in feed water temperature; maintained at ~ 82 °C

– CRF improved from 27% to 62%

– ~3% savings in annual fuel bill

– Water savings of 11,550 m3 /yr

– Reduced CO2 emission ~ 330 TPA