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Case Study:

Optimise Energy Savings and Improve Boiler Efficiency


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Customer Details

A textile plant in Western Indonesia 
- Excess blowdown
- Condensate discharged to pit
- Increased steam consumption due to trap leakage

To optimise energy savings, reduce water
and improve boiler efficiency and performance

Forbes Marshall carried out a detailed study of the
plant to determine areas of concern, Following
products were installed as per recommendation
- Boiler blowdown control system
- Condensate recovery system
- Compact module thermodynamic trap for header and
mainline trapping
- Automatic air vents for header and dead end sizing
- TDS drained at 3500 PPM
- Condensate from sizing machine recovered and
returned to the feed water tank
- 17% reduction in annual fuel bill
- water consumption for process reduced by
87.8 m3/month