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For almost a decade, Forbes Marshall has been actively present in Egypt, providing services to businesses across various industries food and beverage, pharmaceutical, hospitality, pulp and paper, textile, water treatment, chemicals, solvent extraction and many more. Our wide range of steam and control instrumentation solutions, are well suited to address Egypt’s industrial needs.
We are a market leader in pulp and paper industry providing our solutions which help paper mills to use less steam and produce more paper & quality paper and increased plant productivity.

Our team of experts in steam, instrumentation and customer service support based in Egypt ensure the best possible service to our customers. Our certified energy auditors provide energy audits to reduce fuel, water and utilities bill for our customers to help identify specific needs and provide solutions.
Forbes Marshall is partnered with leading technology companies in Belgium, Germany and Japan to complement our in-house efforts. We manufacture a wide range of products and offer varied solutions under categories of steam generation, steam system, condensate recovery, vibration monitoring, process analytics, control instrumentation and emission monitoring systems to name a few.
We have provided steam boilers, boiler houses, steam systems, energy audits, control valves, pulp & paper systems, instrumentation systems, Steam and Water Analysis Systems (SWAS), and flue gas monitoring systems to many customers in Egypt.

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