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Steam-Distribution Industry

In your process you move steam, use steam, depressurize steam, inject steam, throttle steam, condense steam, and reuse steam's heat. We make products that increase the efficiency of your entire process to save you energy and money. At every stage of your process, you need steam at the right pressure, the right temperature and the correct dryness.

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Steam Distribution

Steam has been used as a utility media throughout the industry not only for mechanical power production (i.e. driving steam turbines to produce electrical power) but also for many space heating and process applications. The advantages of using steam as a utility is mainly due to the fact that it can be easily distributed and controlled.

When handling practical steam systems one needs to reduce its operating costs to better the bottom line (profits) of the industry. Steam should be distributed at the highest possible pressure, it should be free from air & incondensable gases, dirt, muck & should be dry saturated. When steam travels from the generation end to the utilization area in a process plant, it condenses and this condensate needs to be drained at regular intervals. Typical distribution losses range from 3% to 5% & these need to be minimized.

We manufacture a wide range of products that ensures steam distribution is efficient such that steam reaches the point of usage at the correct temperature, pressure and in the desired quantity. Our wide range of steam traps & air vents ensure effective removal of condensate & air respectively from the steam system. We also offer steam flow metering solutions to monitor the flow of steam in the distribution network & our pressure reducing stations ensure precise control of pressure at the point of usage.