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Benefits of Master Air Control


Benefits of Master Air Control (MAC)

  • We can save energy consumed by air compressors by cutting artificial demand for air    
  • We can get good reduction in compressor loading. MAC would induce higher unloading period
  • We can separates compressors from demand side peaks and lows. This will, in turn, reduce compressor cycling to minimum    
  • It would be possible to have consistent air pressure delivery to demand side       
  • Useful air storage capacity would be enhanced
  • MAC can accommodate any make of compressor, as it is not dependant on compressor design   
  • With MAC in place, the demand reduction tends to reduce leakages in the plant

What would be the desirable features of Master Air Control?

It is essential to have a good Human Machine Interface (HMI) for better Graphical User Interface (GUI) experience

The history and trending facility, if available, will help us to review historic data & observe the trends. We can then analyse the problems or improvements in the process more easily.

The design needs to ensure fail-safe operation

Accurate pressure control should be possible with a good MAC in operation

It should be possible to provide for pressure control by adding an air demand meter

The MAC should be highly responsive to fine changes in demand

                                             Fig. 2 : Better Savings - Better Efficiency
                           (Source : Forbes Marshall Air Efficiency Solutions Division)

The above graph indicates the kind of energy saving that is possible by using this concept. It can be upto 10% of your energy bill. 

Did You Know?

  • You may be spending upto Rs. 31 Lakhs per annum on operating your 90 kW compressor
  • Upto 30% of your electricity cost is through compressed air
  • Cost of off-load running of a 90 kW compressor for 4 hours daily is Rs. 1.3 Lakhs per annum
  • Leakages contribute up to 40% of your compressed air costs – costing upto Rs. 15 Lakhs per year
  • A single 1/8” leak at 6.5 Bar drains out Rs.150, 000 per annum!!
  • Over-pressurisation by even 0.5 bar costs you Rs. 1 lakh per year

Note : All calculations made with energy tariff of Rs.4 per kW-hr & assuming sp. power of comp as 0.18 kW/CFM; Working - 24X7. (Source : Forbes Marshall Air Efficiency Solutions Division)

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