Partial or no condensate return will results in higher fuel and water consumption. Ensure Maximum condensate is returned to the feedwater system.

Recovering condensate has multiple benefits. While as covered in previous tips, condensate holds almost 20% of the energy in steam. The 1st benefit of returning condensate is that it improves the feedwater temperature and thus lowers fuel bill

The 2nd benefit is that returning condensate to feed water tank cuts the make up water requirement. As condensate is formed on condensing steam it does not contain the impurities present in makeup water. Thus the condensate returned does not need to be undergo water treatment, saving treatment cost and this is the 3rd benefit.

The 4th benefit is that condensate being free of impurity and chemical additives does not add to the TDS of water in the boiler. This reduces the requirement of blowdown thereby curtailing blowdown losses.

Returning condensate holds multiple benefits for the plant.