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Boiler operation parameters should be monitored continuously to correct operations. An S: F variation of even 0.25 translates into 1.85% excess fuel consumption.

The cost of buying a new boiler is small compared to the amount of money spent in operating the boiler year on year. This is a known fact and also known is that this expense is governed by boiler efficiency.

Although “boiler efficiency” is an important parameter in the boiler specifications when purchasing a boiler, little attention is given to it when the boiler is steaming.

Boilers by themselves don’t operate efficiently, but need to be operated in a manner such that they deliver the best efficiency. In order to do so, the first parameters to measure is the Steam to Fuel ratio (S: F), which simply put is a ratio of the total steam generated to the total fuel consumed.

Monitoring this parameter regularly is essential. A minor change in S:F from say 13.5 to 13.25 translates into a 1.85% variation in fuel consumption. Steps should be taken to sustain a high S:F.