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De-scaling wihtout softners : Week 11/15/2011

Eco-friendly Descaling without using softeners

The 'De-scaling' technology for pipelines & heat exchangers has manifold benefits. In our last article, we said, we will elaborate this technology with more pictures and also tell you about some important aspects to be considered while considering this technology

What does this technology do?

Imagine a beaker with water in it. Start adding common salt (NaCl) into it & stir the solution. Salt keeps on dissolving. However, if you keep on adding more & more salt, a stage is reached, when water is in no position to dissolve any more salt. The salt settles at the bottom of the beaker. This state of water is called 'Supersaturated' state.

With salts like Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), the issue is more serious. CaCO3 is related to what we commonly call as 'Hardness' of water. Whenever there is problem of hardness of water, you have to deal with CaCO3. This CaCO3 does not dissolve so easily & so quickly in water & hence the super saturation stage reaches early in such case. The CaCO3 precipitates & forms what is commonly called as 'Scale'. The problem becomes even more severe at higher temperature or at higher pH value, since CaCO3 precipitates faster under such conditions.

The 'ScaleBlasterTM technology' includes a controller that produces a unique square wave current that provides the necessary molecular agitation for scale prevention and removal.

What it does with Salts:

Salt is the main ingredient in mainstream water softeners. Due to the use of salt, those water softeners bring excessive sodium into your water. The salt-based systems also delete the beneficial nutrients like calcium and magnesium from your water source.

The ScaleBlasterTM purifies water without the release of harmful brines from salt concentration that can pollute the water environment. Brine is just water that is highly saturated with salt. Usually brine is created in desalination process of salt water, and is safely distributed into the sea. Unfortunately, the use of salt in water softeners is not disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and is just released into the immediate water environment. Water softeners that require salt are an inconvenience. Regular trips to the store for heavy bags of salt are needed to maintain the system, at an additional monthly cost. These salt-based systems also work directly against the lifestyle of low salt diets, if the water is used for drinking. The ScaleBlasterTM eliminates these costly hassles, while at the same time producing crystal clear drinking water.

Does it save energy bill ?

Lime scale is an issue with some older pipes where hard water occurs. Just to give a household example, lime scale consists of hard, off-white, chalky deposits found in kettles, hot-water boilers and the inside of poorly serviced hot-water central heating systems. In pipes lime scale is made from calcium cations. Such kind of lime scale turns into a thin film on baths, sinks and drainage pipes. One can make it impossible for lime scale deposits to form by installing the ScaleBlasterTM .

The ScaleBlasterTM is engineered to eliminate the deposits that lime scale leaves behind, thereby increasing the efficiency of your water system, and decreasing the cost of your energy bill. Having just one quarter of an inch (6.35mm) of lime scale deposits in your pipes causes heating efficiency to drop by 40%. Too much lime scale can even cause total water failure when the pipe becomes clogged from heavy deposits. With ScaleBlasterTM Technology one can start saving money on the energy costs from day one.