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Energy Saving by De-scaling : Week 12/1/2011

Does this new Descaling technique pay back?

In the last article, we saw what does the Scale Blaster technology do to salts & whether it can save Energy bills. Now, let's see whether it can indeed pay back to the user. To arrive at the payback methodology, let's first determine what are the possible benefits to the user.

What are the benefits to the user?

Prevents Scale Accumulation - Scale particles in the water receive an enhanced surface charge causing them to repel from each other and from pipe walls & equipment like tubes, jets and heat transfer surfaces

Removes Existing Scale - Any existing scale within the system is removed within weeks and never returns

Eliminates Toxic Chemicals - Chemical scale inhibitors can be reduced or totally eliminated. No handling and storage of hazardous chemicals on site

Helps Reduce Corrosion - Corossion inhibitors are supposed to reach the inner surfaces of pipelines or heat exchangers. They are supposed to form a thin film on the metal surface, which will prevent any further corossion. However, if there exists a scale, these inhibitors do not reach the metal surfaces & you end up wasting these inhibitors. But, if this scale is removed, you do not waste the corrossion inhibitors any more & thus reduce their consumption

Huge Energy Savings - The primary energy savings are a result of decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications due to removal of scale. The scaling acts as insulator, which if removed results in avery effective heat exchange & save a lot of energy or fuel

Controls Algae & Bacteria – Algae and bacteria need to attach to something before they can feed and reproduce. ScaleBlaster keeps algae, bacteria and their food dispersed in the water, away from their biofilm breeding ground. The biofilm will die,too.

Reduces Maintenance & Downtime - The constant necessity of monitoring equipment, adding chemicals, balancing water chemistry and cleaning shutdowns will be greatly reduced. ScaleBlaster itself requires no maintenance

Environmentally Friendly – Discharge water regulations have made the disposal of chemically treated water a regulatory concern. ScaleBlaster is non-invasive and adds nothing to the water, simplifying user's compliance measures

Extends Life of Capital Equipment - Scale Blaster will extend equipment life dramatically, maximizing the return on capital investment.

Does it pay back?

It does pay back. There are several types of savings that one can achieve simultaneously. The only key to successfully monitoring the payback is to have the initial data (prior to ScaleBlaster installation). Once this baseline data is established, it is very easy to monitor the benefits. The major payback points are as mentioned below:

  • Saving (1) : Fuel Bill : Scaling means insulation on your heat trasnfer equipment. Removing scaling results in huge fuel bill savings
  • Saving (2) : Chemical consumption : One can stop using chemicals for anti-scaling
  • Saving (3) : Electrical Energy saving : Reduced scaling means increased cross section of pipelines. It means lesser pump load
  • Saving (4) : Process Improvement : Better heat exchange means improvement in process throughput
  • Saving (5) : Lower downtime : No scaling means very low downtime during maintenance. Time required for removing scales is greatly reduced. It means one can save lost production time during maintenance
  • Saving (6) : Longer life of equipment : Your pipelines, heat exchangers & process equipment would live longer life as damages due to scaling are prevented
  • Saving (7) : Eco-friendliness : By law, industries are supposed to reduce chemical disposal. This technology is completely eco-friendly

If we really see, all above benefits, except 6 & 7 are easy to measure. Savings (6) & (7) are intangibles

In the next article, which will be a concluding article on this topic, we will see what are the application areas for this technology & also see some facts about usage of this technology.