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Innovation in Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Measurement : Week 5/22/2012

In the last article, we discussed about available methods of measuring BOD & their limitations. In this article let’s discuss if there is some better way of measurement.

The challenge :

So far, we have seen what problems we face in terms of BOD measurement when we try to keep our waste water plant healthy. Even if you want to do better in terms of required pollution norms by using efficient effluent treatment techniques, it is not possible to know the BOD levels quickly with the available methods of measurement. This poses a big challenge for the industry as they can’t do anything about the long time required to get BOD results.

The solution :

Efforts are on worldwide to develop newer methods & technologies to speed up the analysis time. A new, revolutionary method of Quick BOD Measurement technique will be available in market in next few months.

With the help of CSIR laboratory, an Indian industry have developed a Biosensor which can monitor BOD in 30 minutes. This unique method would provide benefits such as:

  • Reduction in measuring time from 3 days to 30 minutes
  • You will have better control over water recycling processes and can increase efficiency of same.
  • You can take quick corrective action in effluent treatment or on any unrest in actual process.
  • No need of additional instruments like Incubator/Dissolved Oxygen measurement
  • Can go away from measurement of COD and its hassles of handling hazardous chemicals.
  • Can arrest any disturbance in manufacturing process with quick BOD measurement of influent.
  • Quick BOD measurement would give confidence while recycling water.
  • Saving in terms of storage space for effluent and from reuse of water. You can go away with large holding areas and discharge effluent as soon as it gets treated.
  • Can produce results to Pollution checking authorities and even can transfer results directly on their Web server.
  • Latest technology makes user’s life simpler and can generate accurate results with minimum efforts.

In our next article, we will discuss a brand new idea which will be useful for the industry & can save a lot...