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National Technology Day Celebration

National Technology Day is celebrated on 11th May to commemorate the successful nuclear testing at Pokhran in 1998. Forbes Marshall celebrates the event every year to acknowledge the contribution of our technologists and engineers.

This year the theme was "High Quality Growth Through Design". A design initiative was undertaken three months back, with an objective of exploring opportunities to improve product value and to build customer value through the focused use of the design in solution offering. The event provided an opportunity to demonstrate the progress made in this direction. Members also presented on patents, audits and technology development.

Thought leaders like Ashish Deshpande, CEO of Elephant Design and Sushrut Vaidya, Head of Center of Emerging Technologies, Infosys shared insights on design thinking and learnings from ITES industry.

On and, Datta Kuvalekar, Chief Technology Officer, Forbes Marshall shares his views on how an #innovative mindset is a building block to high quality growth, both to customers and organisations investing in Design Thinking.