Forbes Marshall Training Centre

Forbes Marshall energy audits, process evaluations and surveys of hundreds of plants indicate huge potential for energy conservation and efficiency enhancement in steam and utility systems. We provide structured training in steam engineering and control instrumentation, and much of our business comes as a result of growing awareness on steam fundamentals, its behaviour and applications.

In order to increase this awareness, we built Steam Engineering Centres around the country, starting with the largest one at Delhi. This was followed by other branches on a smaller skid mounted base. We have recently built a state of the art centre at our new premises in Chakan, Pune, the only such of it’s kind in the country.  The main objectives of this centre are :

  • To provide awareness and insights into problems faced by customers in day-to-day operations of their plants - whether it is utility, automation or instrumentation
  • To provide an insight into what is possible as improvement
  • Do this in a tangible manner where benefits can be measured and demonstrated
  • Showcase and grow our knowledge and product range

Apart from the active area, consisting of the steam and instrumentation rigs, the centre also has a training hall that can comfortably accommodate in excess of 40 people at any time. Though each of the rigs have their individual displays, the projection system consists of two screens, one inside the training hall and one in the active rig area. These screens, apart from presentations are also used for projecting live utility data from the entire 50 acres of our Chakan facility, the boiler efficiency data from our boiler and data from the rigs.

The centre is presently installed with many operational rigs to provide hands-on training on systems, and many more rigs can be added in the future.