Efficient steam handling program in collaboration with IIT Mumbai - September 14 - 15, 2017

Energy efficiency is a key factor in the sustainable development plan of the industry. Significant fraction of process industry uses steam for various purposes and boiler is an integral part of the system. This course will help the industry personnel to understand the generation, distribution, and efficient utilisation of steam. This course will also help them understand the troubleshooting of the boiler, i.e., the steam generation, basics and operation principle of heat exchangers. The course is a blend of the fundamental knowledge of the engineering science and the industrial experience of actual operation as instructors from boiler industry will also be invited.

In addition to the lectures, hands on experiments on the boiler at the Forbes Marshal Energy Efficiency Laboratory will also be performed where the participants will determine the efficiency of the boiler and perform experiments on heat exchangers.

Moreover, one session will be dedicated to discuss the problems relevant to the industry to explore joint projects.

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