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Boiler Efficiency, Environment, Safety Automation System (BEESAS)

BEESAS is a system which offers intelligent safety, smart controls,   peak efficiency and lowest downtime at all operating conditions of the boiler. It  is fully automatic with no manual intervention, and hence, no compromise on safety, performance and efficiency of the boiler which results in guaranteed savings.

  • Intelligent Safety- Ensures that the boiler always starts, runs and stops in safe operation.  Safety Management system incorporated.
  • Smart Controls - Pressure, feeder, forced and induced draft controls
  • Smart GUI – Interactive GUI, easy to operate without technical know-how
  • DCS control platform features-  (Redundancy, Hot swapping, Large data-event logging and remote monitoring)
  • Real time data Trends & Patterns
  • Direct & Indirect Efficiency Analysis- Self Learning to indentify the best operating point
  • Online GCV tracking- To identify the gap between and direct and indirect efficiency.
    Also indicates benchmark operating parameter for particular fuel composition
  • Smart Feeder Control- Heart of the system. Automated feeder control, ID control and FD air control
  • Drum level Control- To minimize the shrinking and swelling effect in boiler drum for enhancing steam quality
  • Drum TDS Control- To enhance the boiler life by maintaining the hardness below unsafe limit
  • ID & FD draft Control – (Furnace draft  controlled  in band of -1 to -5 mmWC and FD regulated through O2 trim)