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CV Series

The CV-86 piezoelectric velocity transducer measures the casing vibration of rotating machinery and outputs a voltage signal. It has a built-in piezoelectric acceleration detection element and converts the input signal to a voltage signal velocity vibration by an internal integrating circuit. In addition, the built-in integrating circuit can reject external noise to produce a noiseless signal
even in the low-frequency region.

Digitally Enabled
  • Fully compliant with API 670
  • Inbuilt noise reduction and  amplifier circuit
  • Highly effective for low frequencies
  • Power plants
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Process industrey
  • Id/fd/pa fans, sa fans, condensate extraction pumps, cwp, acwp, coal crusher motors, boiler feed pumps, mills gear box
This is a product of Shinkawa Electric Co. Forbes Marshall is an official distributor of Shinkawa products.