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EnergyTech 201 Coal Mill Analyser

Energy Tech 201 is an ideal solution to prevent catastrophic damage to expensive coal mills, silos and plants. It is a field mounted extractive; sampling type electrochemical cell-based, rapid and accurate CO & O2 gas monitoring system. This analyzer requires no further sample preconditioning, it continuously samples the gas and pumps to the measurement cells. The electrochemical sensing technology makes it a very cost-effective solution for the industries.
  • Online carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) measurement
  • Fast response and highly accurate
  • Robust sample probe design
  • Field mounted and negligible maintenance
  • Automatic filter blockage check, sample flow rate check and back purge
  • Analog & digital communication for closed loop control
  • Online zero & span calibration
  • Minimal maintenance requirements - low cost of ownership
  • Rapid, accurate results - for the safe operation of coal handling systems
  • Analogue & digital- communication to DCS and SCADA systems