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Forbes Marshall Vent Head FMVH
Forbes Marshall vent heads are extremely useful when it comes to venting dissolved gases or flash steam. Made out of stainless steel, Forbes Marshall vent heads are fit and forget type, operating long service life. 

When fitted on the top of vent pipes, vent heads ensure quiet and safe discharge of flash steam. Forbes Marshall vent heads are available in different sizes to suit different applications and can be installed on Blowdown vessels, hot water storage tanks, boiler feed tanks, and condensate pump sets. 

  • Internal drain, no external pipework required.
  • No moving parts and hence, minimal maintenance
  • Maximizes separation of water and steam- up to 99% of particles 10microns and larger are separated from the discharging steam.
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Doc Type : Technical Information Sheets(TIS)
Document : FMVH_TIS.pdf

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