Textile Industry

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Steam is the major utility in textile industry and fuel accounts for about 50-60 % of the total utility bill. Coal and lignite are used as boiler fuel, and natural gas and oil are used in thermic fluid heaters. Steam is used in almost all of the dyeing and washing processes like Scouring and Bleaching Machine, Zero machine, Stenters, Jiggers, Jet Dyeing Machine, Loop Steamer and horizontal Cylinder Drying range etc. Steam metering (for generation and utilization), pressure & temperature controls and correctly chosen process traps will ensure an efficient steam system. The break up of steam usage in a textile plant is as follows-

Steam usage in textile plant
Textiles (dyeing and printing) are energy intensive industries. In the face of rising costs and increased competition, efficient utility management is a major focus area in these industries. As it can be seen in the graph below, there is a wide gap between specific fuel consumption of best and worst operated textile plants-

Fuel consumption in textile

Over the decades, Forbes Marshall has been associated with hundreds of textile plants and have successfully helped them to bring their energy costs down. As it can be seen, the specific fuel consumption varies a lot between best and average plants. Forbes Marshall has a long experience of providing solutions to textile plants to help them to reduce their specific fuel consumption.

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