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Beverages industry is a flourishing yet very competitive industry because of multiple market players and changing consumer demands. Steam is one of the major utilities used in a beverages plant. The major consumers of steam are pasteurizers, bottle washers, Clean in Place, syrup preparation etc.

Steam plays a major role in the system as it not only contributes to the overall fuel bills, but plays a major role in achieving the correct product quality. Industry best beverages plant running at specific fuel consumption of 147 (Lit of beverage per Lit of FO) are designed by Forbes Marshall and built by using Forbes Marshall products.

Solutions for Steam System and Process Control

1. We offer we offer high efficiency steam boilers with a turndown in excess of 30% to 100% to meet the process steam load fluctuations. Our online Efficiency monitoring and control system ensure the boiler operations at rated efficiencies across the range. Our solid fuel fired biomass boilers are clean, efficient and safe to operate.

2. Right pressure-temperature control systems by Forbes Marshall on pasteurizers, CIP machines, bottle washers, syrup units along with steam operated pump traps contribute for reduction of specific steam consumption and ensure optimum product quality

3. Energy services for existing plants and Greenfield projects, provided by Forbes Marshall optimize the steam system for safety, efficiency and reliability. Our specialised audits cut through all the hassles resulting in increased throughput, better product quality, reduced down time and coherence with compliances

4. Next practices and technologies like syrup heat recovery and blowdown heat recovery systems further bring down the steam consumption.

Select a process from the list below to explore our solutions and product offerings-

  1. Bottle Washer
  2. Syrup Tank
  3. Pulp Pasteurizer
  4. Clean In Place
  5. Pet Warmer