Online Multiparameter Analyser Online Multiparameter Analyser
Online Multiparameter Analyser is a state-of-the-art analyser specially designed to monitor COD, BOD, pH and TSS on-line. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of pollution control authorities.
Special Analyzer - FM TOC Analyzer TOC Analyzer
The FM TOC 101 is a single stream analyser which is fully automated.
Aquamax Aquamax - The aeration control system
The Forbes Marshall Aquamax solution helps you actively control transfer of oxygen to your waste water plant without manual intervention. In the process it not only stabilizes the DO at desired levels in the waste water, but also directly results in savings in energy costs.
NMR Analyzer
The system uses magnetic resonance technology to measure the chemical properties of multiple process fluid components directly in the process stream.
NIR Analyzer
The Beacon 2000-II represent a breakthrough in NIR process analyzer design.
Special Analyzer - Shelters Shelters
Forbes Marshall Modcon Analyzer Houses are versatile enough to accommodate virtually any combination of required analyzers, sample conditioning systems and analyzer management systems.
Turbidity Analyser FMTSC-10(E) Trace Level Turbidity Analyser
FMTSC-10(E) Turbidity Analyser  - Trace Level Measurements with EPA Compliance
Sulphide Analyser
Chemical / Petrochemical industry.