Commercial Pressure Gauge (CP)
The CP model pressure gauges of the comprehensive standard ranges can be used in all applications where liquid and pneumatic media are not highly viscous or do not attack / react with copper alloy systems.
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge (GP)
The GP model pressure gauges with glycerine filling are particularly suitable for measuring jobs where mechanical vibrations or pressure pulses may arise.
Schaffer Diaphragm Pressure Gauge (SH)
The SH model process gauges is the design principle and material selection of our pressure gauges allow them to meet the stringent demands occurring in service in process industries.
Solid Front Pressure Gauge ( SF) Solid Front Pressure Gauge ( SF)
The SF model solid front pressure gauges are ideal for the hard conditions and the resulting high demands on pressure measuring in production facilities in chemical industry and other comparable branches.
SS Case Bourdon Pressure Gauge (SP) SS Case Bourdon Pressure Gauge (SP)
The SP model process pressure gauges are ideal for the hard conditions
SS Case Capsule Pressure Gauge(SC)
The SC model pressure gauges with Capsule type element are used for measure small positive and negative gauge pressures in gaseous media.
SS Case Electric Contact Pressure Gauge(SE)
The SE model contact presssure with electrical alarm contacts are suitable for controlling or regulating process sequences.
PP Guage PP Gauges

PP gauge is offered with an as-welded Bourdon tube to ensure safety and a longer life than other comparable gauges.