QSWAS™ is a compact preassembled modular, flexible and easy to use system, that enables maximum utilisation of installation space along with an ease of operation.
Sample Cooler : IBR / CRN approved sample coolers Sample Cooler
Sample cooler is an essential & critical part of any Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS).We provide IBR approved sample coolers for specific applications. Our sample cooler designs are validated by premium institutes like IIT Kharagpur & IIT Mumbai, this assuring the reliability of our designs
Swas in Shelter Swas in Shelter
Today, users are looking for factory integrated and tested SWAS Systems. This not only reduces the on-site civil work, but also ensures flexibility in plant design. Forbes Marshall is the largest and most experienced SWAS supplier from India. We offer completely integrated, factory tested SWAS packages in a container.
IBR Sample Cooler for Supercritical Applications IBR Approved Sample Coolers for Supercritical Power Plants
Forbes Marshall offers IBR approved sample coolers for Supercritical Power Plants
High Pressure Regulator High Pressure Regulator
Piston type pressure regulator provides pressure reduction of high pressure samples
Rod in Tube - Pressure Reducer

We offer Rod-in-Tube type pressure reducer for sample pressure equal to or above 35 Kg/Cm2 (500 psig). These are designed in accordance with the requirements of ASME PTC 19.11-2008. For details contact us at Pune head office

One of the conditions in system design is – the sample should be conditioned to the temperatures as required by the analysers.
Sampling System - Cation Column Cation Column
Cation Conductivity Measurement :The majority of on-line analysers are for dissolved solids or volatile species. The presence of unwanted particulate matter can be damaging to both the instrumentation and certain components in the sampling system, such as pressure-reducing valves, capillaries or solenoid valves.
Sampling System - Sample Filter Sample Filter
Like the pressure regulator regulates downstream pressure at constant irrespective of upstream fluctuations, the back pressure regulator works exactly in reverse fashion by maintaining upstream pressure constant. This feature is very useful in maintaining the flow characteristics of sample flowing to the analysers.
Sampling System - Back Presssure Regulator Back Pressure Regulator
A pressure regulator that can maintain the down stream pressure at constant set limit irrespective of up stream fluctuations becomes an ideal choice. On closing fully, the regulator should ensure zero flow condition and should withstand the total upstream pressure
Sampling System - Pressure Regulator Pressure Regulator
An important aspect of sample conditioning lies in making suitable provision to ensure that the analysers can never be subjected to a pressure higher than the safe limit. With source pressures as high as 250 bar, this warrants serious consideration and the use of components of high integrity.