Special Products - Sample Extraction Probes Sample Extraction Probes
For accurate on-line analysis, it is not enough to have a good sampling system/analyzer combination. How the sample is extracted is very important. Else one may end up having a very fine & accurate analysis of WRONG sample ! Forbes Marshall can provide right sample extraction probes for steam applications
Coil-In-Coil type Sample Cooler : CoolMax Series Coil-In-Coil type Sample Cooler : CoolMax Series
Forbes Marshall now brings you the CoolMax - a sample cooler that provides very high capacity of heat extraction compared with traditional coolers. This cooler finds lots of applications in industries such as Pharma, Waste Water treatment, Refineries etc.
Closed loop Sampling Systems Closed loop Sampling Systems
For Samples in petroleum refineries, petrochemical complexes and chemical industry.