IBR Approved Sample Coolers for Supercritical Power Plants

IBR Sample Cooler for Supercritical Applications
Forbes Marshall has got IBR approval for Sample Cooler for Supercritical Power plant applications.

The temperatures & pressures for power plants running on supercritical boilers are far more than the power plants running on sub-critical boilers. Pressures as high as 332 Kg/Cm2 and Temperatures as high as 573 Deg.C exist in supercritical boilers. The cooler is designed for pressures as high as 370 Kg/Cm2 and temperatures as high as 620 Deg.C.

It is a validated design. Forbes Marshall have got an IBR approval for this design. IBR stands for Indian Boiler Regulations & it is the premium certifying authority in India for boilers & associated equipment handling steam. IBR approval is associated with Safety of the equipment while handling steam.

If you are involved in buying process of any Sampling system for Indian subcontinent, do insist on IBR approved sample coolers for Primary cooling applications

Features Technical Documents
High efficiency :Very close approach temperatures with minimal cooling water requirement.
No joints on the coil : A complete single piece coil assures trouble free operations with no risks of failure of joints inside the shell.
Compact Size : It's very compact compared with the service it is put to. The double helix coil design makes it's size almost half the size of conventional single helix designs. Available in three models, DHx-6 for lower heat duties & DHx-12/18 for higher heat duties.
Removable Shell : Facilitates routine on-site maintenance easy. Coils can be cleaned in-place.
Shell relief valve : Shell is protected with a built-in-Shell Relief Valve, thus preventing accidental pressure built-up inside the shell in case of failure