UFM 800 W Weld-in & UFM 800 C

UFM 800 W
Efficient flow measurement and volume counting of all types of water and waste-water in closed pipelines or in open channels and raceways with weld-in sensors for metal pipelines & with built-on or built-in sensors for open channels.

UFM 800 W
Ultrasonic flowmeters with UFS 800 W sensors for measuring the
volumetric flowrate in metal pipelines.The sensors are welded to the outside of the pipelines.

UFM 800 C
Ultrasonic flowmeter with UFS 800 C sensors for measuring flow velocity in open channels. The sensors can be installed or mounted from the inside or outside of the channel.
Features Applications Technical Documents
  • No constriction of the pipe cross-section
  • No additional pressure drop
  • Electrical conductivity, pressure, density, etc. have no effect on measurements
  • Easy to install from the outside or the inside
  • No maintenance requirement
  • Low power consumption
  • Low operating costs