OPTISWIRL Dual Version

OPTISWIRL Dual Version
The OPTISWIRL is optionally available as a dual version.This is a genuine redundant system with two independent measuring sensors and two signal converters. This provides twofold functional reliability and availability of the measurement.This variant is ideally suited for measurements in multiproduct pipelines. In such pipelines, two different products are moved through one after the other.One signal converter can be programmed for one product, and the other signal converter for the other product.
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• 2-wire device with integrated pressure and temperature compensation
• Non-wearing, fully welded stainless steel construction with high corrosion, pressure and temperature resistance
• Optimal process reliability thanks to Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP)- stable readings, free of external perturbations
• Ready to use immediately thanks to plug & play
• Maintenance-free measuring sensor design
• PACTware available at no extra cost
• Pressure and temperature available via HART