Coolmax Coil-in-Coil type Sample Coolers

The CoolMax series from Forbes Marshall, is a range of compact heat exchangers with wide ranging benefits. These offer high heat
transfer rates, low pressure drops, a close approach temperature with minimal cooling water requirements.
A high turbulence of fluid ensures self-cleaning and longer life of the product.
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  • Available in different material to suit process conditions like multiphase slurries and petrochemical mixtures
  • Fully drainable inner and outer tubes
  • Rugged design, highly resistant to thermal and hydraulic shocks
  • Single continuous tube to avoid leaks
  • Enhanced turbulence to avoid deposits
  • Easy to install
  • High precision engineered product
  • Manufactured as per ASME BPE 2007
  • Suitable for clean steam and WFI (water for injection) processes
  • Stringent safety/ cleanliness norms incorporated which are especially required for pharmaceutical industry
  • Electro-polished models (Ra<0.6 micrometer) are available for pharmaceutical applications