Sulphide Analyser

Sulphide analyzer is used in:

  • Chemical / Petrochemical industry
  • Protection of the trickling filter of wastewater treatment plants
  • Desulphurization control
  • Wastewater treatment Control of biological plants

Working principle: Sulphide concentration (S2–) is measured by ORP titration. First, this measurement needs a constant ionic strength and a constant pH. Those conditions are completed by the addition of a basic buffer before the titration starts.
  • Measurement range: 1-100 mg/l (S2–).
  • Electrodes: silver and reference
  • Detection limit: 1 mg/l. For lower concentrations, sulphide concentration is measured with a sulphide ion selective electrode (detection limit: 0.1 mg/l).
  • Analysis frequency: programmable - 1 analysis every 5 min. maximum
Product Benefits Product Specifications Technical Documentation
  • Use of laboratory standard methodology
  • No sample filtration (if any suspended solids < 1% and < 1 mm)
  • Easy to setup, user–friendly programming
  • Reactor cleaning after each measurement cycle: electrodes life is increased, manual reactor cleaning is occasional
  • Optional automatic calibration: allows potential drifts adjustments
  • 2 analog outputs 0/4-20 mA (first output is assigned to measurement, second one is assigned to titration curve plotting)