NMR Analyzer

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The system uses magnetic resonance technology to measure the chemical properties of multiple process fluid components directly in the process stream. It can also be used to measure some physical properties and computed variables such as ratios of two or more components.
  • Complete, integrated application solution
  • Calibration model and application software included with system (models available for many applications)
  • Standard Ethernet communication with external data and control systems
  • Field-proven reliable operation, running continuously in refinery applications since 1995 Multi-variable analysis from a single instrument and a single sample
  • High measurement resolution
  • Stable, homogeneous magnetic field, no fringe field
  • No moving parts in the core NMR analyzer
  • Variety of sample probes
  • Built-in reference for measuring chemical shifts of all process components
  • Automatic shim control ensures uniformity of magnetic field during measurement
  • Availability of continuing service and support contracts
  • Built-in manifold valves provide convenient purge, drain, and vent connections for cleaning sample line
  • All system display, operation, and supervision performed from a remote computer